Saturday, December 10, 2016

Snowga, Salmonkeys and Stuff.

(A catchy title just wasn't coming, so I squished the blog topics together!)

finally applied for a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. I had applied for one back in the spring of 2015, that was going to happen at a retreat in Mexico, but it was cancelled due to low registration. So two years later, I apply again. The training isn't until the early summer of 2017 and it takes place at the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy in my hometown of Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The authenticity of their traditional practices is what has always appealed to me. I look forward to learning and sharing with the world in 2017 and beyond.

I spent six months living at "the institute" in 2003 learning the yogic ways of living. It's where I met my former partner, who was a Canadian on a USA work visa, and how I ended up living in Canada for 13 far. I worked remotely from Alberta for three years as the production manager of their former publication, Yoga International magazine. Another great life experience on the long and growing list. I anticipate hearing back from them whether I have been accepted as a student and we will proceed with travel plans from there. 

In the meantime, we are in the midst of receiving a huge quantity of the white stuff here on Vancouver Island. So much so that we broke out our cross-country skis for the first time in three years. The last time we used them was in 2013 when we still lived up north in Alberta. 

We have been feeling the inspiration to create gatherings and celebrations in this cold, dark season. Potluck dinners and crackling campfires (when the west coast winter rains aren't pouring down) are ancient, time-tested ways to connect community members and warm hearts and hands. Humanity in the western world has been increasingly encouraged to isolate, separate and differentiate between you and I. Between us and them. Between mine and yours. Division and competition among families, communities, religions, races, cultural statuses, various health professionals, political parties, sports fans, neighborhoods, borders and boundaries, students, and belief systems (to just name a few) has been driving invisible wedges between human beings for a long, long time. And for what?! Really. Seriously. In the end, what is that all for? Power? Then what? Survival? Then what? We will all fade away eventually. Let's be honest. None of that stuff matters. 

Inviting all of these separated people, opinions, views and things to join in gratitude around a table and to share a meal, some laughter and meaningful conversation is the most rebellious antidote to all of this separation and madness. All of us can do something to counteract what is happening right before our eyes. We ARE the difference makers. Let's put away our little ticky-tacky devices and shift toward a personal and human connection world again. 
(I know, I typed this on an iPhone.) Aaaaannd, I'm about to put this away and go for a headlamp night ski. With my favorite person and adventure partner, Tanner. 

But first, I want to mention the Gene Keys. This system is one of astrology meets the I Ching. It's amazingly accurate and insightful. It's customized to each of us based on birth date, location and time of birth. It shows us a map of our personal strengths and gifts. It describes each of your keys from the lowest vibration (Shadow), to the middle vibration (Gift) all the way to the highest possible vibration (Siddhi, or Divine Essence). The website is
You can create your own map for free. You will, however, need this book to make any sense of your map. We ordered a used copy from (there are other options for getting the book as well).

There are many YouTube videos by the author as well. If you seek a deeper understanding of yourself and your life's unique journey and purpose, use this tool. It is incredible and we highly recommend it. If you try it out, we would love to hear what your experience is!

I will sign off with a shout out to the salmon. They are incredible creatures and are such a crucial part of the life cycles in the Pacific Northwest (and other parts of the planet). Amazing!!

We took a stroll down to a very small tributary stream this week. We didn't even expect to see salmon. But there they were. One pair, who safely made their journey back to where they were born, swimming parallel in a calm side pool, dancing their dance of life and death together. They were beginning to show white patches, showing that they were weakening and nearing the end of life. We stood very still and observed their flashy routine. The smaller female would swim up alongside the huge male and nudge him. Then he would quickly turn and swish to where the eggs were and turn on his side and flap and flap as he attempted to fertilize them. His brilliantly-colored scales shined pinkish with his movements. We were just a few feet away and it was special to witness their last act before they would slowly perish and become a meal for a hungry critter.

A few days later I returned and there were many pairs in the  same creek. There was even one pool were several huge males, longer than my arm, were hanging out together. When they saw me, they stopped pushing upstream and floated backward over some small rapids and around a bend to safety. I decided not to interfere and make my way away from the stream so they could do their thing.
Here is a salmon spawning video that was made on Vancouver's really well done!

Ps. Great info about the salmon life cycle here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Road Less Traveled

I could feel these words ready to burst forth when I climbed into bed last night. I was humming a song called "Take Me Up" from a live performance of a Canadian band called Oliver Swain and the Big Machine that I had just returned from. That particular tune paints an image of going up to space to live life elsewhere with aliens. It's a strangely beautiful symphony. I was feeling uplifted and vibrationally charged with love and music. 
This is one of my life medicines: musical magic.  

Another recent dose of musical medicine from Nahko and Medicine for the People. Amazing.
Plant medicines have also been a varying part of my entire life (as for most of us) , though many of us don't even realize this (yet). Now, in the last two years these beautiful beings have taken the honorary copilot seat in my life. (Or maybe I am the copilot with the poorly folded, crumpled maps?!) Either way, we have been having a beautiful journey together so "who is leading who" doesn't feel much like it matters. Back to this topic shortly...

I had been trying to push aside the nagging message that I kept receiving to disentangle myself from the virtual reality of Facebook. It has come and gone many times in the last few years. The idea of being "connected" to those that I love is what has kept me involved. That and the fact that I have been using Facebook heavily to promote our cacao ceremonies and my crafty crystal headband creations that are for sale (and my other businesses prior to that). {Insert business plug} is how you can find the magical headbands!!!

Well it's happening! Finally. I have officially announced to the world of Facebook that as of January 1st, 2017, I will be freed of its temptations until it makes sense to use it (if ever). This has punted me into action to find new ways to promote what I'm offering and to go back to basics with my communication techniques. This is a retrain-the-brain exercise and I'm trying to be very patient with my transitioning skills. Old habits can be so tricky to shrug off! (Please subscribe to this blog on the top right of this page if you're interested to keep up with our uncharted adventures. You can also reach us at oneworldwellness@yahoo.CA)

On this road less traveled I am already excited to be discovering what is possible without this cloud of new technology that we have been thoroughly trained to rely on for almost everything in life. I have known that less technology is the key to furthering my personal awareness of self and the endless streams of magic that swirl around us all. If we are focused on screens of all shapes and sizes then our amazing senses are not as trained to the subtleties of the universal play of existence. So many of us have been and are in denial about the way we live and communicate as a culture. I feel it becoming a massive divider, not a true connector. 

Plant medicine is all around us. 

Back to the plants. I'm sitting in a beautiful veggie garden where we are housesitting, soaking up some sunshine, which is not a readily available medicine in this darker, wetter season on Vancouver Island. 
I feel more relaxed and freer by the day. Life has given me so many opportunities to explore the infinite realms that are teetering on the edge of my discomfort. My sphere of comfort and acceptance continues expanding each time that I relax into the flow of the river of Life. Plant medicine journeys of various types have been guiding me to places of awareness that I never imagined possible. Awareness of my self. My thoughts. My words. My actions. My beliefs. My relations. My surroundings. It is a strange seat of awareness to sit in. I feel as though I am walking a winding path between the reality of our "normal" global society as an average collective, and then a wildly magical and beautiful reality that I know is the natural state of being for all of Life. It's wonderful, although at times, challenging. I have only met a few others (so far) who seem to have been navigating a similar path. We happened to cross paths which has given us all reassurance to keep going. It can feel a bit lonely at times, having few people who can relate to me in my current state of awareness. As the days pass, I notice more and more humans past and present (mostly musicians, authors and other artistic types) are revealing themselves as familiar friends of this journey of collective love and cosmic awareness. I am practicing (key word) deep patience and acceptance with myself and all others. I often have no words to describe even the simplest experiences of daily life in this "between the realms" reality. Simple conversations have become a bit challenging for me. The question of "how are you doing today?" has become a funny one.  Being with others together in a collective space of loving intention is what feels pertinent and crucial NOW and always. It's a fun experiment. That much I know.

This guy knows the path that I speak of.

Tanner and I have become the rocks in the river for many friends and acquaintances throughout our parallel journeys together. Wherever we find ourselves, people seem to gravitate toward us to seek shelter and support in our presence. We are not gurus or spiritual teachers or anything you can label. We are just like everyone else but perhaps we just approach life a bit differently. "Human beings on another fucking journey"-Nahko haha. Well said. 
*drumroll* The secret Rx for happiness we use is this: 
*Let go of our fears (or prove them to be just-plain-silly), one by one. 
*Take chances: some little, some BIG. 
*Trust in the MAGIC (thanks Carien). 
*Ask for what we need. 
*Say how we feel.
*Be ourselves. If you don't know who you are, do whatever it takes to get to know the essence of YOU. 

That's it. Perhaps you will try this for 2017...we all have the wisdom within.

I love writing. The space between these blogs has grown uncomfortably huge. I intend to write more often again. I should have more freed up time coming without FB. 

Until the next time the words are bursting forth....I leave you with these two lovely tunes. The lyrics are as lovely as the sounds. EnJOY!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Humanity: The SHIFT is hitting the fan.

(I just love chalkboards in restrooms.)

For quite a few years I just thought I was weird or different. I'm not. I am just me. I am also now certain that humans are undergoing a massive shift in their consciousness and it is creating absolute chaos for many, many people. 
I used to ask people if they noticed anything generally odd happening in the world. Or if they felt strange. Or if things just felt "off". 
Now I don't even have to ask anyone anything. It's coming out everywhere. From just about anyone who's half-awake to their own sixth, seventh and umpteenth senses. If you haven't been noticing it, pay closer attention. Although, it's so front-and-center that I can't imagine anyone not having noticed yet....humans are shifting and morphing energetically, spiritually and it's pretty intense for many. Especially when resistance flares up.

Anyway. I could write a million words about this observation and its continued unfolding as I stand back and watch in amazement. Instead I will share what we have been up to on Vancouver Island in a photo montage. Because that seems like much more fun for me!!!

Check out the incredible abundance of fruit that we were so blessed to enjoy this summer...

Heaps of figs!!!

Wild forests of blackberries. Yuuuum!!!

Peaches from the yard and then...peach salsa. 

Mixed berries from the garden where we were housesitting! 

And these little teeny tiny tree frogs (fit on a fingernail) that greeted us on the giant grape leaves each time we watered the gardens. Cuuuuuute!!!

So, then we started mushroom hunting in the late summer...the season is just beginning. 

Lobster mushroom being munched by a huge black slug. We were too slow. He beat us to it. 

This is an earth star. Good when it's found underground, but too late to eat it at this funky stage. (I poked it and spores puffed out the hole). 

Unidentified but super tiny and cute. 

Lobster mushroom score! Faster than the slugs this time. So delicious!!!

Moss log sculpture. That's my kind of art. 

On most weekends, we have been facilitating Cacao Ceremonies in various locations on the islands here and there. Indoors and outdoors. All Magic. 

Snapped this shot while we enjoyed supper next to the ocean. Stand up paddle boarding is on my short bucket list. Looks like a good time.

This guy. Silvery shimmer. Art in the cycle of life. So pretty. I also felt a little sad, but thanked him when I took his photo. 

Starfish tragedy in a parking lot.

And last but not least...this is our new home for a little while in between house sits. She's a real beautymobile. 

The end.  

Monday, August 01, 2016

We Are on Time

There is no better time. Now is all we ever have. Now. And now. And now...I needed to get my bathing suit on and get outside on the first day of August to soak up some summer sunshine...right NOW. Here on Vancouver Island, the summer weather this year has been strangely elusive. What?! It's August?? Agh!! Where is the hot sunshiny sky? It's here today. NOW. It wasn't here a couple of weeks ago. It may be gone next week. I'm not even in summer mental mode and it's more than half over!? So today I start enjoying summer and spending less computer time and less marketing and promotional time. I just had a huge realization that I'm actually tired of being a trailblazer and a born leader. This week it has felt like such a heavy burden. Did I order this?? I believe so.

Good advice. Only chocolate can achieve this. Haha!

I went to a Red Tent women's circle last night. During a guided visualization, I realized that my callings throughout my life have all been things/careers/roles that required me to be on the cutting edge or be doing/sharing something new and different. The status quo has never been for me. "This can be done better." "There must be a new way." The little voice is always guiding me. Most of the time it has been an unconscious pull. But today. Today, I'm fully aware. And I need a serious time-out from this cosmic job. Just for a little bit. So I can step back and question everything fully. Especially this: "I feel like none of it matters. The good, the bad and the ugly. It's all the same. Why is this so? And now where do I go from here?"
Ironically, I find philosophy boring and loopy. Too much thinking instead of being here, in the only moment we ever have. As Eckhart Tolle says "the only place we can ever experience the past or the future is in our minds." As many of us know, this can lead to anxiety and depression. No fun.

As I write this blog on my iPhone, I'm simultaneously texting with a sweet friend who is across the continent. I had to copy and paste part of the conversation because it's exactly what I needed to share out loud. It was like this:

She said something to the effect that she's ready to burst out of her metaphorical "cocoon"...

Me: "Haha!!! Yeah. I have no cocoon. I think I need one. We should swap!"

She then stated how simple it is to make a cocoon. 

Me: "I'm trying. I'm living on a secluded acreage on an island! It's the technology that's disturbing my would-be cocoon. Mostly the use of Facebook to market and advertise our events. I must quit. It's an energy vampire in disguise as a cute blue and white screen with my friends' faces."(And a bunch of those "friends" are people I don't even know!)

Bam! Poof! Seems simple enough. I don't want to read about the US election candidates and the tsunami of BS that is pushing it forward at a DISTURBING level of intensity. I don't want to see what people had for breakfast. I don't want to see people DESPERATELY crying for help through their computers/ smartphones/ tablets/ google glasses (etc.). We, as a species of humans are losing something that will be very difficult to regain if we collectively let this continue much longer: Connection. REAL loving connection. Support. Friendship. Deep conversations. Sharing what we are passionate about and what makes us all tick. Physical connection too!

In the last week alone, these are a few of the things people have said to me that really stuck in my mind (mostly via an electronic device of some sort):

"I'm so lonely. I feel like I have no real friends anymore. Where is everyone?"

"I just need a hug."

"I know that I'm here to help people. Why does it feel SO HARD?!"

"I'm so completely overwhelmed. I'm retired! I don't even have a job. Why should I be feeling so overwhelmed?!"

"I just don't feel appreciated or needed by anyone anymore."

"Remember when people used to call each other on the phone to make a plan to get together? That was so much easier."

"Remember when people had time and energy and the desire to connect with their loved ones and friends...for no particular or special reason, other than that fact that they loved spending time with one another?"... Oh wait, that one was mine.

I can easily echo most of the other comments, too. I have felt very similar things in the last year. We all feel and think similar things. We are all human. With 7+ billion of us here, having an original thought or emotion is unlikely. We are all more alike than many of us realize or care to acknowledge. The irony is that so many people think that they are the only ones feeling lonely, disconnected, overwhelmed or maxed out. If we would all discuss these human challenges more openly- in person. Heart-to-heart. With those who mean the most to us. Humans would possibly feel much better overall. Too many of us are pretending to be superheroes instead of being human. We feel. We need. We are one. 

I had an incredible and synchronistic meeting with one of my all-time favorite musicians in late June. Tanner and I treated ourselves to a one-day pass at an island music festival which was perched on top of a naked, logged mountain overlooking the ocean. It was a unique place for sure. We trekked our there to witness the musical magic of Nahko and Medicine for the People. They are an amazingly gifted crew of musical channels who are spreading messages of love and acceptance. Everything that I also feel that the world needs now, so I am deeply grateful for their gift.

As the sun was setting, I put on all of my warm layers of clothing and went to purchase a hot beverage. The performance we were awaiting was coming soon. To my surprise, the whole band was seated at a strangely oversized log picnic table enjoying supper together. I took my hot drink and retrieved some friends. We engaged in a half hour conversation with Nahko and some other bandmates. He looked at me and said "tell me a story." So I told him the story of how a friend copied me a CD of his music two years ago, and how on that fateful day, our car stereo, which had been out of order for many months, magically turned on to play me that incredibly powerful music. His eyes were wide and he laughed in astonishment. My friend then shared with Nahko how much his music means to him and how it has inspired him and changed his direction in life. Then he said "but you probably hear that all the time."  Nahko's response to that was looking us both in the eye and saying "Yes, but thank you for sharing that because if I didn't hear it from people, I probably wouldn't keep going."  We all need to feel love and support face-to-face and heart-to-heart. No exceptions. 100% of humans need love. 

I then asked if it was corny to get our photo taken together and thanked him for being humble enough to take the time to chat with a couple of fans on Vancouver Island. It wasn't corny at all. It was full of love and appreciation. From all parties.

Nahko and a pretty happy me. 

So, then a group of us pulled off a fun surprise birthday potluck for Tanner last week. Some really special people made the effort to come and celebrate life together. One friend brought two didgeridoos that he made himself, straight off the plane from Australia. He gifted one to Tanner. Very special indeed. 

We took a trip down the road from our summertime housesit to a clay deposit in the Cowichan River and had a sunny clay mask treatment. I have been really trying to focus on extra self care. I just remade am updated "things that I love" checklist. The last one that I made in April was full. I put my first checkmarks on the new one today. Gotta keep doing what I love. It's what keeps me loving life.

Tanner in his clay suit. 

So I just took a time out from writing to eat some watermelon and to look up "cougar/puma/mountain lion" in our spirit animal book. Last night I dreamt that Tanner was behind the wheel of a jeep and I was in the passenger seat. It was dusk and he turned left into a pitch black earthen tunnel. It was big enough to drive through and I could only see a few feet ahead of us with the dim headlights. I said "slow down!" He said "We're fine. I've got this." He drove faster and faster and I was panicking. I then looked to the right at the walls of the dirt tunnel zooming by, and noticed huge cat paw tracks all along the walls and even above us on the ceiling of the tunnel. I remember thinking "how the hell did the cat run along the walls and ceiling of the tunnel?" I then thought, "I guess it's possible. I've just never seen that with my own eyes. That doesn't mean it didn't happen." We finally got to the dim, dusky light at the end of the tunnel and there was a cougar, the maker of the big paw tracks, which darted away quickly to the left. Then I saw a brief glimpse of a Sasquatch strolling away to the right. I said "was that a Sasquatch?!" Whoa! Recap: Traveling a dark tunnel into the unknown. Cat tracks. Big ones. A majestic cougar in the light at the end of the tunnel. An elusive Sasquatch out for a stroll. Powerful dreamtime!

Cougar spirit animal says this:

So maybe I am a leader. I can't hide from it, even in my dreams. I am being nudged (or raced) forward into the dark unknown that lies ahead. The message I am getting from the universe is: 
 Stay calm. Buckle up. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Follow the tracks laid out before me and most of all, TRUST. 

"We are on time." - Nahko


Monday, June 27, 2016

The Adjustment Bureau

I am relaxing on a balcony overlooking the ocean from West Vancouver as the sun sets over my right shoulder. Cruise ships and cargo barges are floating back and forth across the bay. I thought I would have been crossing back over to Vancouver Island to go home to my own bed, but the universe said otherwise. Just as we were literally moments from boarding the ferry this afternoon, there was a "POP!", followed by a cloud of steam billowing from underneath the hood and a greenish stream of coolant flowing down the loading ramp. Yikes. I shut the car off immediately and turned to my passenger, which was my friend/mother in law. "Adjustment Bureau", I said. And we had a laugh. If you haven't seen that movie, it's one of only a few mainstream movies that I highly recommend watching. There is a higher power and master planner at work in every single moment. At least that's what my experience has been. We just never know what the next minute or the next second will present us with. Gotta be ready to respond. Like a light, flexible, fluid ninja.

We sat in the cool shade in a stairwell nearby our disabled car. While we sat, many folks strolled up and down the steps. At one point a very small girl with her parents came by and I noticed her little pink tee shirt just simply said "DETOUR". Funny. And odd...

Jim, with BCAA (like AAA for non-Canadians) picked us up and towed our little Jetta to a repair shop. He said he really enjoyed our bumper stickers and especially the one that says "THIS IS A GOOD SIGN". So I happened to have a stack of cardboard GOOD SIGNS, of which I passed him a couple. He was pretty excited! I also gave one to the auto insurance agent last week when we renewed our insurance, as I discovered them hiding in the insurance envelope after half a year. She appreciated it also.

So after an entertaining drive to the auto shop with a super tow truck driver, we were rescued by a lovely family member who happens to reside in close proximity to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry. And here I sit. I believe I partially manifested this exact scenario, as earlier today while we were weaving south along the edge of the Pacific Ocean from an amazing weekend festival, I had the thought "I have a blog to write. When will I find the time?"  Hahaha!!! Whamo. Like magic. I have been forced to take the time. A gift. Time, to write it all down. 

Photo of cacao circle by Tammra Broughton at The Conscious Goddess Festival 2016!

The festival was called The Conscious Goddess Festival and it was so beautiful. It's a newer festival, only in its second year. So it was small with about 150 people or so. Mostly women. A few loving men were invited to be supporters of their goddesses. One man was the sacred fire keeper all weekend. What a sacred fire it was!

I had come across an ad on Facebook back in February for this festival. As soon as I saw the name, I knew I was going to apply to offer a cacao workshop and also offer my Open Arise Creations headbands as a vendor. I was warmly welcomed to do both. It was a lot to juggle, but well worth every minute. I was so happy to see most of my headbands find loving homes and shining goddesses to adorn. The cacao workshop was wonderful also. Part way through the cacao session, a yellow swallowtail butterfly flew into our tent and around our circle of chairs and swooped by my face to remind me that I'm on the perfect path. The festival was truly magical and encouraged deep healing and transformations in so many participants.  

Cori and I on the last day of the festival at the Open Arise Creations booth.  

I could write the entire blog about the festival but I have more to share. Where are we living now? Where's home? For the summer months we have agreed to return to a parcel of fruity paradise on Vancouver Island. The property owner asked for our assistance with the place while he trials 90 days at a nearby ecovillage to see if it's a fit for him. So we have returned to this small retreat in the cedars and maples for a few months, which we had called home for most of 2014. 

We really love this spot and are so grateful to have another opportunity to enjoy the forest and gardens on this slice of earth. September will bring a change of location for us once again...

For now, Tanner has been offered a part time position as a taxi driver/spiritual guide. Haha! He truly enjoys it and for 3 days each week he drives to inspire his passengers. It's quite a different career path for him, but a welcome change of pace for a little while. I have been keeping my hands very busy creating the gemstone headbands. I have recently been asked to wholesale them to a vegan cafe in Miami Beach, Florida, and have had numerous other requests too- some yes's, some no's. I need more hands soon. Octopus spirit animal, answer my call! It's going really well and that's what matters. 

Meditation and sound bath time at one of our cacao ceremonies. 

We have also hosted cacao ceremonies for nearly 200 people in the first half of 2016. We have hosted them at many locations across the southern part of Vancouver Island. A new friend who's family hosted us in May at the full moon, created this amazing smudging fan for us. 

Wildwood Earth Art on Facebook 

We have been blessed to co-facilitate with several gifted sound healers. Our crystal singing bowls have mingled their vibrations with didjeridoos, drums, chimes, rattles, lots of other crystal and Tibetan bowls and most importantly, open hearts and the voices of many. The voice of ONE. 

Our new friend and crystal bowl whisperer, Tara. 

Moving into July we have decided to take a hiatus from the ceremonies. Time to rest and regroup and take care of ourselves is of utmost importance. The second half of this year is likely to be just as event-full!

Hiking trip. This was at the start. You should have seen us 6 hours later. 

Visions of fall travel are brewing in both our waking and dreaming hours. The where part isn't quite clear yet. Or the how. Trusting that it will all be shown in perfect and divine time is what we continue to practice.

PS. Oh. And the other prominent components that keep presenting themselves in 2016 have been the need for conscious communication and firm boundary setting. It's not glamorous work, but it sure feels good to speak my truth and ask for what I need. Try it for yourself. Say what you need to feel your best. Stand in your own power. Love thy neighbour, but love thyself first.

Humanity needs this now. 

PPS. I made a drum. Finally! It was a very special experience. The flesh of deer and maple that melded together to express the rhythms of life are held in deep gratitude within my heart and soul. Healing of many hearts is her mission. I named her Luna

Sunday, April 10, 2016

I Call It My Life.

Yep. This is a real place on this island. It was magical. 

I was walking through the magical forests of Vancouver Island yesterday and was telling a new friend that I write a blog. (That's her in the photo above.) Then I realized I haven't been writing as often as I would prefer to. Writing was flowing out of me weekly for a couple of years. Now it's more like monthly, at best. She asked why I started a blog. I didn't even have to think of an answer and I blurted out, "to hang on to my sanity." She smiled and nodded. It really has been an incredible tool that has allowed me to look back upon the days and weeks that pass me by and to dissect the challenges that I have faced, to fully appreciate the magic that I have experienced and to express my gratitude for life. 

Now this: My personal observation of the first quarter of 2016 is that collectively, humanity is feeling extremely shaken up. As if we are little specs, all living in a huge snow globe that gets flipped over 20 times a day on a gift shop shelf. Just when the snow settles...whoa! The big hand comes and stirs things up all over again. 

What can we each do to remain balanced during this seemingly chaotic period in our world? First of all, balance won't happen for you by accident. You will have to make a very solid, conscious effort to stay balanced. Try to spend time quietly in nature. Breathe in what the tress are offering us. Lie on the grass. It's that time of year again where the grass is becoming lush and inviting. Remind yourself that you are a spec lying on a pile of tiny plants on the surface of a humongous mass of matter and not floating off into infinite outer space, thanks to something we call gravity. We are each a drop in the ocean. It's kinda magical really.

Sing. Hum. Listen to the birds so full of joy. Why are they so happy? They're livin' and lovin' each moment, that's why. 

Pick spring flowers. Or just appreciate them where they grow and thank them for exciting your eyeballs and nose. Play your favorite music. Talk to a friend. Then listen to that friend. Allow yourself to receive love in whatever form it shows up in. Then give some of it away again without attachments. More will come back to you.  It's an infinite resource. When in doubt, remind yourself that what you perceive as the end of your world really isn't that bad. Someone, somewhere has outdone you in that department. They have it worse. What's the worst thing that can happen? Right, probably death is the worst case scenario for most of us. Then what? The magic of this swirling reality carries on without us when we transition into another form. Humans are not the be all and end all. Though we are lead to believe this. Sigh

So many people have recently expressed to us their sadness, struggle, desperation, loneliness, hopelessness, complacency and self-doubt, all seemingly resulting from the chaotic state of our world. These are all things that each human faces at some point in life. I know we don't like these feelings but as "they" say, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger...and more wise and more resilient. Hopefully we all learn something from diving deep into these feelings. Hold your breath, jump in and don't forget to come up for a breath here and there.

I also know, without a single bit of doubt, that it's time for humanity to join together in community with others who have experienced these challenges and who are ready to co-create a new reality for the coming months and years. No more of this "each human for themselves" nonsense. We are a family of 7 BILLION and growing and no human should deserve to get left behind. There clearly aren't enough material resources for this "single family" globalization disaster system to continue. Hello? Can others see this train wreck just around the bend?

This is one of the foundational concepts behind our sacred cacao ceremonies. Creating Community.  Sacred time and space together. What makes it sacred? To me, everything is sacred. No person or object is more special than another. In addition, at our gatherings, we choose a physical space that feels good and nurturing on all levels. It must please the 5 senses as well as hold a high vibrational feeling to our 6th sense and beyond. We use various tools and skills to clear the energetics of a space and cleanse the energy of each guest prior to partaking in ceremony. We do our best to create a sense of safety and inclusivity and are consistently amazed at the dynamic crowd that gathers each time. We are all the same at the core. We all want to feel like part of the web. We all need love. We all need healing. We all want to be heard and understood. We all need smiles and hugs to ignite and unite our spirits. Love is the energy that fuels our collective spiritual fire. 

Cacao ceremonies, for us, are a concentrated epicenter of love expansion and connection with ourselves, loved ones and strangers (who suddenly don't seem like strangers after ceremony). Last night a group of 23 humans became non-strangers at our ceremony. How awesome.

I honestly don't even know what the point of this blog post was today. It's just sort of typed itself. I'm just holding the space for the words to come out.

All I know is that I am in absolute awe of this bizarre and exciting experience that I'm having in every moment day after day. 
I call it my life.