Monday, February 22, 2016

Swept Up in a Rainbow LOVE Tornado

It's seems that the less we travel, the less time I take to write about life in between. It's been two months now since I took a timeout to write down all of the incredible things that we have been experiencing. 

It has been a chilly and wet 6 weeks since we retuned to Vancouver Island. The frequent rainbows and majestic eagles floating overhead make it all ok. Fine, it's more than ok. This island is a magical place! We are so grateful to call it our home base.

It's a beautiful sunny day today as I sit on the back deck typing. It's still fairly chilly. The spring flowers are all coming up with optimism. I can hear a happy tree frog chirping in the swaying cedars nearby. 

We were asked by our friend to housesit for her for 3 weeks in January. Then several other housesitting opportunities aligned themselves in front of us. So here we are now on a little organic farm. There is a fun flock of laying hens to care for and a couple of crazy cats too. It's a beautiful place to hunker down and do some writing and resting. The crackling woodstove is my good friend. 

We have noticed a big shift in the consciousness of the general public in 2016. We found it tricky at times to fill up our Cacao Ceremonies in 2015. It was also challenging to  secure a venue, often feeling like we were trying too hard to convince anyone that this was something good and useful for the people and the planet. When the calendar flipped (literally on New Year's Eve) something also flipped in the consciousness of humans.

Probably not ALL humans, but a good number of us. We are now getting such huge responses to these gatherings that we often have a waiting list. People are suggesting venues and offering us their spaces weekly. 2016 is numerologically a 9 year, which is a year of completion. It seems that many many people are ready to face their worst fears, forgive past grievances, and just start to love themselves and one another. That's what cacao promotes. Love. Inner Peace. And joy!

If you don't know about our Cacao blog it's or our Facebook page is Cacao Connection. 

Speaking of joy, I was invited to participate in a photo shoot on the weekend. It was 5 hours of fun and laughter, wild makeup and big hair. We modeled some of my Open Arise Creations headbands. I also played with some cacao and got some fun shots with a drink and some of the beans. So far this is the first image that the amazing Kim Yanick has shared with me, but I know there is more beautiful stuff coming. Check out Kim's work at or follow her on Facebook at Kim Yanik Portraits to see her magical work unfold. 
These headbands are so powerful and so many people are scooping them up. I have been taking them to local fairs and events and it's been a ton of fun. This is what I love to do!

Photo by Gord Griffiths

Tanner entered into the British Columbia Open for pool, which is a passion of his. A lot of our acquaintances aren't aware that he's a pool player because he doesn't speak about it much. Earlier this week, he won 4th place in his division of nearly 100 players. He enjoyed a 5-day getaway with the guys and I also enjoyed some "me" time.

We sure are grateful to have each other though. We cherish each day of adventure together. Life is beautiful.