Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Humanity: The SHIFT is hitting the fan.

(I just love chalkboards in restrooms.)

For quite a few years I just thought I was weird or different. I'm not. I am just me. I am also now certain that humans are undergoing a massive shift in their consciousness and it is creating absolute chaos for many, many people. 
I used to ask people if they noticed anything generally odd happening in the world. Or if they felt strange. Or if things just felt "off". 
Now I don't even have to ask anyone anything. It's coming out everywhere. From just about anyone who's half-awake to their own sixth, seventh and umpteenth senses. If you haven't been noticing it, pay closer attention. Although, it's so front-and-center that I can't imagine anyone not having noticed yet....humans are shifting and morphing energetically, spiritually and it's pretty intense for many. Especially when resistance flares up.

Anyway. I could write a million words about this observation and its continued unfolding as I stand back and watch in amazement. Instead I will share what we have been up to on Vancouver Island in a photo montage. Because that seems like much more fun for me!!!

Check out the incredible abundance of fruit that we were so blessed to enjoy this summer...

Heaps of figs!!!

Wild forests of blackberries. Yuuuum!!!

Peaches from the yard and then...peach salsa. 

Mixed berries from the garden where we were housesitting! 

And these little teeny tiny tree frogs (fit on a fingernail) that greeted us on the giant grape leaves each time we watered the gardens. Cuuuuuute!!!

So, then we started mushroom hunting in the late summer...the season is just beginning. 

Lobster mushroom being munched by a huge black slug. We were too slow. He beat us to it. 

This is an earth star. Good when it's found underground, but too late to eat it at this funky stage. (I poked it and spores puffed out the hole). 

Unidentified but super tiny and cute. 

Lobster mushroom score! Faster than the slugs this time. So delicious!!!

Moss log sculpture. That's my kind of art. 

On most weekends, we have been facilitating Cacao Ceremonies in various locations on the islands here and there. Indoors and outdoors. All Magic. 

Snapped this shot while we enjoyed supper next to the ocean. Stand up paddle boarding is on my short bucket list. Looks like a good time.

This guy. Silvery shimmer. Art in the cycle of life. So pretty. I also felt a little sad, but thanked him when I took his photo. 

Starfish tragedy in a parking lot.

And last but not least...this is our new home for a little while in between house sits. She's a real beautymobile. 

The end.