Saturday, January 07, 2017

Footloose and Facebook Free

Today is the last day of the liver cleanse which I followed in this first week of 2017. It was a perfect alignment that it arrived in the mail just in time to be a "New Year's cleanse". In mid-December, I experienced several evenings with a mild, dull pain under my right rib cage. The final evening that I felt it coming on, it escalated to a full-blown gall bladder attack. My best guess is that I had a hefty gall stone that was trying to pass through a tiny duct, and it felt like a miniature taste of what childbirth may be like (am I yet to experience this). I went in and out of being able to move or speak properly because of the level of pain that came when waves of contracting organs were literally squeezing me. It was one of the times I can most relate to an out-of-body experience.

It was so unpleasant that I knew I needed a full liver detox to do my best to flush out any other unwanted toxins or tidbits. So if you're feeling like your liver needs some lovin', visit Global Healing Center's online store and order yourself up a liver cleanse kit (actually, I just went to the site and it's out of stock... a lot of liver lovin' is happening apparently...but they have a spot where you can leave your contact to be informed when it's back in stock!). It requires minimizing food intake to particular fruits and veggies (and a few nuts) for 5 days and a very structured daily routine of drinking some potions too. Oh, and a lot of toilet paper. A lot. Like, buy some shares.

I quit Facebook!  It feels sooooo good. I feel free and happy and connected to real humans more than I have in a loooong time. I am focusing more on Me and the people who are right here in my community. For those loved ones far away...we have phones. Skyping. Letters in the mail. Emails. Photo albums. In-person reunions. That's what my 2017 will be full of. This week has been loaded with many of these already. Yahoo!

I closed my Facebook account on January first. Then we decided to have a movie night, which we don't do often. We chose to watch Snowden. We knew little of what it was about. Wow. Was it ever relevant! If you aren't familiar with who Ed Snowden is, he is a former CIA agent who leaked info about the lack of privacy around our information that we all share on computers, email, social media and cell phones. It is a real eye-opener. Make it your next movie night and be ready to learn a lot. We sure did. (The government may be flagging this blog right now. *shiver* Oh well. Maybe they will learn something new by reading it?) Click here for the link to the movie trailer.

We rang in the new year with a plant medicine journey around a campfire under a starry winter sky. It was perfect and relaxed. It reminded me to have fun and take time to laugh and enjoy the simple things: the hidden bits of magic and the special souls who weave their way through our lives. 

Our lovely friend, Christine, and myself have recorded a handful of episodes of our consciousness-themed chat show that we call "Walking the Path".  Each episode, we select a topic and then press record. We completely wing it each time and it's so much fun. I am really excited to share this one with you. It's my favorite so far. They all have nuggets of good info and wisdom in them. I even feel like I learn a whole lot from them!

Speaking of wisdom, I am into a few amazing books this week. Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup. It's brilliant, and even though it's from 1998 it is highly relevant now (with some outdated details). She weaves together science, physiology, spirituality and reality in a beautiful way. Very vulnerable and real. 

I was recently given a vintage pocket-sized copy of The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. The first time I read this gem was in 2011. A friend offered it to me when I was wading through some very rough tides. It blew my mind and heart wide open. His poetry is magical love alchemy on paper. I can't wait to dive in again!!!

Lastly, but not least, I will re-mention the Gene Keys book and evolution system. It continues to excite me and helps me to focus on the divine essences of many people, including myself  You can learn more about it, and get your free gene keys profile here.

I have been accepted into a summer yoga teacher training program in my Pennsylvanian hometown, at the Himalayan Institute. I am so excited for this opportunity!!!  It's been a long time coming (13 years to be exact). Ommmmm sweet Ommmmmm. 

Ps. This is a must see clip - partly humorous... but mostly how I see social media. Thanks friend, for passing this along!