Saturday, July 18, 2015

We Are A Global Tribe

I am having a self-administered timeout lying in the dry, waving summer grasses of southern Vancouver Island on this warm day. Our visit to the island is coming to a close already. Today in particular, I have had a of feeling like I'm watching a comedy film mixed with a sci-fi-mind bender. There was an electronic roadside billboard that scrolled through colorful weekly specials at the grocery store and in the mix there was a slide that caught me by surprise that said something like "DROUGHT: the new normal"...maybe there were other words following those, but that's all I saw. I laughed and thought to myself "what the?! Why would anyone write such a thing? Seems like they are putting a curse on this beautiful piece of the earth. The new normal? Who are they to decide that?" I knew I wasn't alone in this sentiment. Words are powerful creators.

Then, I walked across the parking lot to the auto insurance office to ask about my car insurance renewal. The woman at the desk was very pleasant and I tried to take in every word she spoke. At some point between her telling me I should raise my coverage to $5 million if I'm traveling in the USA ("because when they sue, they go for the jugular") and me laughing in amazement, and then her laughing nervously...and her whispering through her bright lipstick that I should use the other auto insurance broker when I renew because I would save more mind all but short circuited. I looked at her name tag and smiled and thanked her by her first name. As I walked out to the car, I felt stunned. A friend had to cancel our tea date this morning because she was working hard to help the woman who she is care-taking for and who is fading away quickly to another realm. She was cheerful on the phone, despite life's great challenges. I know that in every scenario, there is an opportunity for all parties to learn and grow. She knew too.

...Which then encouraged me to step down from the role of organizer for a new moon women's circle that I had helped to get going. I have almost always been very comfortable in a leadership role, so I often jump in with both feet when someone mentions a great idea or suggests that a such and such could happen. I suddenly realized that I had my own agenda during this limited visit to Vancouver Island.  I needed to fulfill those obligations and complete my own tasks before taking on new stuff, as wonderful as it all may be. It felt so good to notice what my pattern was and to make a decision to play a different card from my hand. I am a hub. I am a connector. I am a leader. I am a trailblazer. I'm also a woman who needs a time out in my bathing suit on a warm sunny summer's day to just lay on the earth and watch the bees and the birds live their lives. A honey bee climbed up my leg this morning during yoga time. I said to it "hello. I'm not a flower. Carry on." Then I thought about what I just said. I am a flower, dammit. Who do I think I am kidding? I can't hide and shouldn't try to. Waste of time. "Bee the flower." That's all. Thanks for the message little bee.

So, next I went to the post office. I mailed a CD called The World Peace Diet: Living in Harmony with All Life by Will Tuttle, PhD. It is headed to some new vegan/ loveatarian (their own it) friends down island. It's about eating a vegan diet to heal ourselves and promote peace on this planet and it's about much more than eating. They want to share it with some of their clients. It's amazing, intensely valid and mind expanding. (Have a read or a listen to this brilliant book if it sparks your curiosity.)  These same new friends hosted one of the most wonderful collaborative events that we have ever been a part of to date last weekend. We were so grateful to have been in the mix of it all! It was a full day of love, music, nourishing food, beautiful surroundings and amazing people. They called it Cosmic Heartbeat. It was exactly that. 

Us with a Cacao Medicine jar

It's now a week later and people are still talking about it and basking in the residual positive energy field that was created. We delivered cacao orders right up until we just got in line for the ferry we are currently waiting for. We missed the one we were hoping to get on, which can happen when you call an island home, and so the ferry fairy has gifted us two hours of free being time. Here I write.

Leaving one of our global tribes behind on Vancouver Island (again) was no easy task. I had a very emotional week asking myself why. Why are we leaving again, and so soon? Are we crazy? I knew the answer already. It's in the ocean and the sunshine. It's in the stars and the wind. We are being ushered in the direction that we are being called. A friend recently asked me to show her 6 year old daughter some new yoga postures. I just couldn't say no to that request. Her uncle had bought her a yoga mat and she learned some basic yoga in school this year. Her family was doing their best to support her in her recent diagnosis with epilepsy. When I mentioned the idea of a yoga date her eyes got huge and she jumped up and down. She is a brilliant and cheeky girl with tons of energy, and her toddler brother has even more energy. Which is why I gave him my phone to keep him busy and capture some yoga shots from a two-year-old's perspective. Here it is...Lola the Bassett Hound and all.

Our other new little friend, Grace, who is 8 years old, "graced" our car by signing her own bumper sticker on the trunk. Our car is officially blessed. We added our new One World Wellness bumper sticker to the collection. Let us know if you would like one. We can send you one of these beauties to help us spread the word!!!

We received a new generous donation to our Indiegogo campaign from a dear friend who has seen our work in action. She knows that what we do is much needed on this earth right NOW. Much of what we "do" is nearly impossible to put into simple words. It's felt and received and shared and only those receiving our time and energy can explain what is really happening when we connect with one another genuinely from heart to heart and soul to soul.

We were so grateful to gather with friends old and new on our final evening on the island to celebrate both a birthday and a Bon Voyage. We sat over the latest angelic gateway near our friend's garden and enjoyed a beautiful fresh summer potluck picnic supper.

I am marveling at our little Jetta, packed to the brim with nearly everything we own. We decided to leave our two bicycles with our pal who will take good care of them for us while we are on the road for a while. Other than that, we have decided that if we will continue on this vagabond-wellness-team adventure that we will need to upgrade to a van or small motorhome to better accommodate us and all of our wellness gear. (Plus a cozy place to sleep in the back would be an amazing bonus.)

Until then, we motor on in our little car. Across land and sea to answer the calls of the universe. It's calling to all of us. All we have to do is answer. Listen. Just be still. Listen. The instructions will be given freely. 
You will be supported. Have faith. All is well. This is my new mantra.

With LOVE,

Monday, July 06, 2015

It's All Up In Smoke...and Mirrors

We awoke Sunday morning to a bizarre pinkish-orange hue coming from the sky above. It has lasted for three days so far. The sun shines a brilliant salmon orange color through the thick smoke layer above us. A very strange energy is hanging within this smoke. People are feeling it. Bizarre things are happening. Most of them are hard to describe in words.

I said "I've never seen this before, but my instinct is that it's the result of a forest fire somewhere nearby." I was is the result of many dozens of forest fires scattered across Western Canada, covering hundreds of square kilometers. Numerous fires were started by heat lightning...many were also started by careless human hands. On the first day we had "snow" falling in the summer in the form of white ash flakes.

We have noticed a common drought and water shortage theme in all of our travels over this past year. The earth is thirsty for change. So thirsty.

Yesterday we offered to support a friend at court where he was being charged with several traffic violations. We filed into a crowded local small town courtroom where he, and a group of of "traffic law violators", were treated like criminal sheep. Some were to pay fines for minor infractions of "THE LAW". There were four police officers in the room as well. They seemed like average people, underneath their costumes, as did the judge. Each person that was called up to the microphone pleaded guilty and then a fee was named and they negotiated a timeline to remit payments. No one argued about anything. They all thanked the court and nervously shook hands with the head officer. Holy intimidation Batman!  A clerk entered and bowed to the judge, as if bowing to her martial arts master. Then bowed again as she exited. That seemed so excessive, robotic and bizarre to me. Outside of a dojo, I feel that in most of our modern world, bowing is a symbol of one person being less than another. I don't agree with this old-school tradition. Let's modernize, shall we?

One woman mentioned that she has a seatbelt phobia. She said that not wearing one saved her life 40 years ago. Another man had his right signal on and then turned left instead. That will be $150  sir. $100 mam. You have 60 days. Wait...I'm feeling generous today, you have 90 days. What a brilliant business: The business of keeping the masses afraid of everything. The energy of that room was so heavy with a lot of fear. I held the crystal that hung around my neck and sent some higher vibrations to those present. The people in that room seemed like they were on high alert. Lots of twitching and shaking in all directions. Even one of the police officers trembled as he read the criminalizing paperwork. I had a feeling that no one there, deep down in their knowing, agreed with the actions and words taking place in that room. If someone doesn't speak up about things that seem wrong, then nothing will change. The justice system is justiceless in my eyes. And that was just traffic court. Our friend was dismissed because the officer didn't show up. So they just threw out the charges as if they didn't happen. I was literally holding back laughter the entire time we were sitting in that room. I felt as though I was watching a poorly-rehearsed play. What just happened here? Wow!

Luckily, we had all prepared ourselves as a group that morning with meditation and drumming in an angelic gateway built last week by placing specific crystals into the earth at certain distances and directions. This geometric shape creates a high frequency vibration and positive energy field. This allows any of us to connect to the divine spirits that are here to guide us. Yup. Angelic beings and other light guardians. It might sound crazy to some. Between our family and friends, we have "planted" at least a dozen gateways from coast to coast of North America. This morning we practiced yoga inside that gateway and I said "What if our indiegogo campaign doesn't raise much money? Where will we go?" At that exact moment a beautiful bald eagle swooped across the garden in front of us. Tanner said "wherever that guy is headed."  We both laughed and knew that everything is always ok.  Especially when it seems like it's not ok. Just wait. You will see. You will feel it. The perfection of the universe.

"Be still. Be silent and empty. Say nothing. Ask nothing. Be quiet. Open your heart. They will find you. They will help you. You are not alone. Love and guidance is all around you. Be ready to receive."  A quote from Denise Linn's book, Secrets & Mysteries: the Glory and Pleasure of Being a Woman. 

*Please take a few more minutes to view our campaign to raise funds for One World Wellness to continue supporting people and the planet:

One World Wellness's Mission:

Our intention is to travel around the globe, to wherever our assistance is needed, to support everyday people to take their health, wellness and level of joy to an all-time high. It's no secret that our world is struggling as a whole. 
We feel that every single person who becomes healthy, self-empowered and balanced is one more person who will tip the scales toward a positive tomorrow for all of us and future generations.

Our preliminary research a nutshell:

After 6 months of traveling in our car from Vancouver Island to Guatemala and back again on a small budget, and connecting with many dozens of people from all walks of life, we have realized something HUGE: Most of us do NOT have the time or extra finances to take a “wellness vacation” or retreat. However, almost everyone we connect with has a desire to feel more joy, live a healthier lifestyle and to have the support to fuel their passions. Wow! How do we solve this dilemma?

GOOD NEWS! We have a solution:

One World Wellness will bring the wellness retreat and personal guidance right to your home! We are a mobile, flexible team with knowledge to share with you about healthy lifestyle shifts, spiritual exploration and how to expand your consciousness to assist you in creating the vibrant and joyful life that you dream of living! We will offer the support needed to the people who need it the most. 

What can One World Wellness offer to our students?

Our services may include: shifting to healthier eating, moving our bodies, healthier thinking and heart-centered communication, deepening spiritual practices, growing your own food, improving the quality of your surroundings...and the possibilities go on and on. We can work with you at your own pace to guide you toward your personal path to greater joy and wellness. Keep us around for a week or ask us for a month of our time. The amount of support required for each individual will vary.

Who is One World Wellness?

We are Kristin and Tanner. A happy-go-lucky, upbeat, vibrant, 30-ish couple who's mission it is to continue to live simply and joyfully while supporting others in finding their own joy though balancing body, mind and spirit. Our passion is to show others that it's possible to live a vibrant and joyful life every single day!

We began One World Wellness in the fall of 2014 while we were living on Vancouver Island. We had both worked many "normal" careers (both for ourselves and for employers) in the last decade. We were feeling downright unfulfilled and way too tired and stressed at age 30! Hmmmm. How can we work so darn hard and only make such a tiny difference in our world? Why aren't we following our own passions instead of someone else's? Are we answering our greatest calling on the planet? What if we just forget the naysayers and just do what we love?! Well that's what we are doing starting right now! Help us to help our world to thrive.

What will the Funding that we receive from this campaign pay for?

Our vision is to offer our services to people on a sliding scale. At the end of our stay at each home, we will give each person or family the opportunity to make a donation to One World Wellness to assist us in continuing our work as a mobile wellness team. Some will be able to give more than others and under NO circumstances do we want to deny our services to anyone that truly needs them. It will be a pay-it-forward type of system. Every little bit of funding we receive will assist us in extending the life of this project! :)

How will you know where the money is getting spent?

We write a blog each week about our experiences and adventures and the amazing connections that we make with people like you. You will be able to see what we are up to and where we are spending the money that is so generously donated to our project.

Read Our Blog Here!

Your donations may go toward things that will make our project sustainable, such as:

Books and other teaching materials for our team and students

We are in need of a smaller, more portable (and less ancient than our huge laptop) device for making videos and communicating with our students. iPad?

Purchasing minor health and wellness products to support clients (ex: gardening supplies, yoga mats, sports equipment, etc.)

Rentals of venues for wellness events, workshops, etc.

Fuel to get our team and our car to our next student(s)

Routine and/or unexpected repairs/maintenance for our aging OOW car (if/when needed...hopefully minimal!)

Travel Insurance (a necessity for out-of-Canada travels)

*If our fundraising goes exceptionally well, we would love to upgrade our 2003 Jetta to a larger vehicle (such as a van or small motor home) so that we may have a place to lay our heads between students, as well as haul larger items, such as a massage table and other healing tools.


"Some people you just really wish were your neighbors. Theses guys just jump right into your life and make you glad to be alive. Welcome back into my world anytime." - Kent, Idaho, USA

"Tanner and Kristin are such positive, high-spirited people! We had some of the best conversations and they spread the most amazing energy and enthusiasm to me in their entire stay. I think Tanner has changed my life with his drumming ceremony and I will never forget anything about them!!!!!!" - Kristine, Oregon, USA

"What a pleasure to be a last-minute host for these two. When I think of them, the words that come to mind are balanced, grounded, engaged and respectful. I highly enjoyed my brief time with them and totally recommend you open your doors to them if you have the opportunity. All the best in all you do Kristin and Tanner. You are the kind of young(er) people that give me some hope for the survivability of this planet." - Carol, Florida, USA

"The thing I appreciate the most about Tanner and Kristin is that they walk the talk." - Dave, British Columbia, Canada / Mexico

"I did the cacao ceremony just out of curiosity. I didn't have any expectations. I just wanted to see what it would be like and what it's about. It was a really interesting experience and it was also very therapeutic. It was also really beautiful.  I'm really grateful to Kristin and Tanner, not just for doing the ceremonies, but for being the right people to host them because that makes all the difference." - Deb, New York, USA 

If you would like to read additional information about our project, please see our blogs at: (our lifestyle, spirituality and travel blog) (our Cacao Plant Medicine blog)

We also have a Facebook page. Follow One World Wellness on Facebook

If you have any additional questions about One World Wellness, please email

THANK YOU for supporting this project and the future wellness of our world.

    PS. If you are inspired by our project, but just don't have the extra funds to donate, that's ok! We ask that you please spread the word to folks that may be able to support One World Wellness. Thanks!