Monday, June 27, 2016

The Adjustment Bureau

I am relaxing on a balcony overlooking the ocean from West Vancouver as the sun sets over my right shoulder. Cruise ships and cargo barges are floating back and forth across the bay. I thought I would have been crossing back over to Vancouver Island to go home to my own bed, but the universe said otherwise. Just as we were literally moments from boarding the ferry this afternoon, there was a "POP!", followed by a cloud of steam billowing from underneath the hood and a greenish stream of coolant flowing down the loading ramp. Yikes. I shut the car off immediately and turned to my passenger, which was my friend/mother in law. "Adjustment Bureau", I said. And we had a laugh. If you haven't seen that movie, it's one of only a few mainstream movies that I highly recommend watching. There is a higher power and master planner at work in every single moment. At least that's what my experience has been. We just never know what the next minute or the next second will present us with. Gotta be ready to respond. Like a light, flexible, fluid ninja.

We sat in the cool shade in a stairwell nearby our disabled car. While we sat, many folks strolled up and down the steps. At one point a very small girl with her parents came by and I noticed her little pink tee shirt just simply said "DETOUR". Funny. And odd...

Jim, with BCAA (like AAA for non-Canadians) picked us up and towed our little Jetta to a repair shop. He said he really enjoyed our bumper stickers and especially the one that says "THIS IS A GOOD SIGN". So I happened to have a stack of cardboard GOOD SIGNS, of which I passed him a couple. He was pretty excited! I also gave one to the auto insurance agent last week when we renewed our insurance, as I discovered them hiding in the insurance envelope after half a year. She appreciated it also.

So after an entertaining drive to the auto shop with a super tow truck driver, we were rescued by a lovely family member who happens to reside in close proximity to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry. And here I sit. I believe I partially manifested this exact scenario, as earlier today while we were weaving south along the edge of the Pacific Ocean from an amazing weekend festival, I had the thought "I have a blog to write. When will I find the time?"  Hahaha!!! Whamo. Like magic. I have been forced to take the time. A gift. Time, to write it all down. 

Photo of cacao circle by Tammra Broughton at The Conscious Goddess Festival 2016!

The festival was called The Conscious Goddess Festival and it was so beautiful. It's a newer festival, only in its second year. So it was small with about 150 people or so. Mostly women. A few loving men were invited to be supporters of their goddesses. One man was the sacred fire keeper all weekend. What a sacred fire it was!

I had come across an ad on Facebook back in February for this festival. As soon as I saw the name, I knew I was going to apply to offer a cacao workshop and also offer my Open Arise Creations headbands as a vendor. I was warmly welcomed to do both. It was a lot to juggle, but well worth every minute. I was so happy to see most of my headbands find loving homes and shining goddesses to adorn. The cacao workshop was wonderful also. Part way through the cacao session, a yellow swallowtail butterfly flew into our tent and around our circle of chairs and swooped by my face to remind me that I'm on the perfect path. The festival was truly magical and encouraged deep healing and transformations in so many participants.  

Cori and I on the last day of the festival at the Open Arise Creations booth.  

I could write the entire blog about the festival but I have more to share. Where are we living now? Where's home? For the summer months we have agreed to return to a parcel of fruity paradise on Vancouver Island. The property owner asked for our assistance with the place while he trials 90 days at a nearby ecovillage to see if it's a fit for him. So we have returned to this small retreat in the cedars and maples for a few months, which we had called home for most of 2014. 

We really love this spot and are so grateful to have another opportunity to enjoy the forest and gardens on this slice of earth. September will bring a change of location for us once again...

For now, Tanner has been offered a part time position as a taxi driver/spiritual guide. Haha! He truly enjoys it and for 3 days each week he drives to inspire his passengers. It's quite a different career path for him, but a welcome change of pace for a little while. I have been keeping my hands very busy creating the gemstone headbands. I have recently been asked to wholesale them to a vegan cafe in Miami Beach, Florida, and have had numerous other requests too- some yes's, some no's. I need more hands soon. Octopus spirit animal, answer my call! It's going really well and that's what matters. 

Meditation and sound bath time at one of our cacao ceremonies. 

We have also hosted cacao ceremonies for nearly 200 people in the first half of 2016. We have hosted them at many locations across the southern part of Vancouver Island. A new friend who's family hosted us in May at the full moon, created this amazing smudging fan for us. 

Wildwood Earth Art on Facebook 

We have been blessed to co-facilitate with several gifted sound healers. Our crystal singing bowls have mingled their vibrations with didjeridoos, drums, chimes, rattles, lots of other crystal and Tibetan bowls and most importantly, open hearts and the voices of many. The voice of ONE. 

Our new friend and crystal bowl whisperer, Tara. 

Moving into July we have decided to take a hiatus from the ceremonies. Time to rest and regroup and take care of ourselves is of utmost importance. The second half of this year is likely to be just as event-full!

Hiking trip. This was at the start. You should have seen us 6 hours later. 

Visions of fall travel are brewing in both our waking and dreaming hours. The where part isn't quite clear yet. Or the how. Trusting that it will all be shown in perfect and divine time is what we continue to practice.

PS. Oh. And the other prominent components that keep presenting themselves in 2016 have been the need for conscious communication and firm boundary setting. It's not glamorous work, but it sure feels good to speak my truth and ask for what I need. Try it for yourself. Say what you need to feel your best. Stand in your own power. Love thy neighbour, but love thyself first.

Humanity needs this now. 

PPS. I made a drum. Finally! It was a very special experience. The flesh of deer and maple that melded together to express the rhythms of life are held in deep gratitude within my heart and soul. Healing of many hearts is her mission. I named her Luna