Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hearts Know No Distance

Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

It's dawn on Kootenay Lake in Nelson, British Columbia. What a gorgeous place on this planet. The ravens are plentiful around our campsite and have been belting out a wide variety of songs to each other. I have been awake since 3am (3 hours now). This is not typical for me. I am normally a pro sleeper. The nocturnal munching of mice on the other side of the thin, vinyl tent from my pillow was what kept me awake at first. Then a very nearby train with a persistent whistle. Now the morning traffic has also begun. The world here is buzzing and in action like the springtime pollinators. 

The sunset view across the Georgia Strait on our way to Vancouver. Another ferry headed to the islands.

I am letting the reality sink in that we left our home of Vancouver Island and all of the amazing people there. In a way, I wish I could have brought them all with me. Realistically though, I know we are all on our own unique journeys and that hearts know no distance. 
It's been a very full and transformational month for us and this blog post has been slowly coming forth through it all. 

Photo by Roxanne Wood. Thanks Roxanne!!! Xo

I want to mention an incredible gathering of amazing women that took place on earth day, April 22nd, in Saanich on Vancouver Island. My sweet friend and magical musician, Astaria, and myself gathered with these ladies and shared a beautiful day of heart connection and earth connection. 

In less than a week after listing her for sale, we sold our sweet motorhome to an amazing retired couple. They intend to take her to the Yukon way up north and also down to Mexico. Our kind of people, indeed. 

"I Believe in the Good Things Coming"-Nahko Bear

On the day we sold our little home on wheels, we packed up our trusty old Jetta with our belongings, except what wouldn't fit in that first car load, which was probably stuff we didn't need anyway. 

We also sold both of our bicycles. We sold our garden rototiller and a few other odds and ends too. We sold the dehumidifier that we had purchased to keep our RV dry through the wet winter months to a man who was raising his two kids in a school bus that was converted into a long, homey RV. Humans and their life adventures are so amazing.

We also decided to search last minute for a larger and more economical vehicle. Our 2003 VW Jetta was amazing and yet she was really showing her age and the 300,000+ kms that we put on her.  We bid on a green 2008 Ford Escape hybrid and got her for an incredible price. She needed a bit if aesthetic TLC, but she is worth it. Tanner suitably named her the Green Goddess. Bye-bye Blue Billy Goat (Jetta's name after trekking through the Mexican and Guatemalan mountains).  Welcome to the One World Wellness team, Green Goddess! You're in for some fun times!

We stayed temporarily at the home of a dear friend on Vancouver Island for the last two weeks while we tied up all loose ends so that we could make a clean departure toward the east coast. Sold a final few items and donated about 7 liquor boxes full of things and stuff we didn't need to carry on with life. Refreshing!!!

We co-hosted a cacao ceremony in North Vancouver at a beautiful venue and said farewell to our shining soul sister, Astaria. We know we will meet again before too long!

We then travelled to Harrison Hot Springs and co-facilitated a beautiful small ceremony with two sound healers (among many other titles) who had an amazing collection of crystal bowls and a crystal lyre, crystal pyramid, chimes, tuning forks, gongs and more. It was sensational. We normally contribute during a sound journey at our ceremonies with the small collection of instruments that we own. This time though, we both laid back and simply soaked up the sound journey vibrations. What a beautiful gift. Learning to receive is something I have been working on for my whole life: material gifts, compliments, nurturing, etc. 

We have just received invitations to Hawaii and Australia for the fall and winter to share our cacao ceremonies. Time will tell which direction we this point we can only guess. It all sounds great to us! It's all possible because we have taken many small steps to reduce our needs and our ties to any material limitations. Every little thing we own is with us in our vehicle. It's a truly remarkable feeling of freedom. 

I am already missing the fresh stinging nettle soup that we enjoy this time of year on Vancouver Island. We picked and ate so much nettle in April. There is nothing like the green nourishing energy of a big bowl of nettle soup. It has so many physical benefits (google it). We enjoyed our last jar on the ferry from Vancouver Island to Vancouver. 

Enjoying nettle soup while waiting for the ferry. 

Wrapping up this blog blurb, I'm at a little coffee shop in rural Alberta that I used to frequent when I lived here. (I sometimes start a blog in one place and then finish it wherever I can). 

We are facing an interesting reality that Albertans, in general, are not nearly as receptive to cacao ceremonies as British Columbians are.  We are supposed to host two ceremonies this weekend and neither has garnered much commitment from guests, so we may postpone them to a much later date. All we can do is try.

A blurry and dark glimpse of the sound journey at one of our cacao ceremonies. 

It's my mama's 69th birthday today! She was diagnosed with breast cancer over 10 years ago and I did not think that she would be here to celebrate approaching 70 years! Life is truly amazing. With the combination of poor cell phone reception and no wifi on her end, I have both called and texted her today with no luck of hearing her voice yet. I did leave her a voicemail. There are still a few hours left in the day, so hopefully we will connect. Technology remains a baffling mystery to both enables us and limits us in mysterious ways.

Happy Birthday Mama! We are headed your won't be long and then we can have a real hug.

That's my sweet sweet mama, Linda xoxo

Ps. This song is AMAZING!!! I played it for friends last night and they said it sounds like the One World Wellness theme song. Haha!! And so it is.