Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dare to Be Different

I am writing this while splayed out on the bed in our motor home (aka our Om Sweet Omlike a starfish and my feet have a distinct heartbeat. It is painful. Just after the start of the new year, I decided to take some action regarding warts on several toes that developed after our adventures in foreign countries, nearly two years ago now. Despite the dedicated use of flip flops in hostel showers, warts found their way onto one baby toe...then two toes...then five (plus one on the ball of one foot). I tried some natural remedies, but I couldn't get ahead, so I finally asked for professional help and it has been an incredible foot journey in the last 11 weeks!

I am taking Thuja (white cedar) homeopathic in conjunction with weekly liquid nitrogen treatments. The pain level is really no fun, and yet there is so much learning in that pain. Such as: Pay attention to ALL parts of your body. Don't ignore little things until they become big things. Ask for help when you need it. Step lightly. Slow down. Put your feet up. Take your time moving forward. No need to rush or race. Move at your own pace. Just be.

 (It's hard to tell, but this is me holding hands with that starfish. And we are matching in our purple tones.)

Yoga has been more challenging than ever before in my life with half of my toes in bandages for these few months. Want to really test your balancing skills? Wrap your toes up in gauze and tape. Haha! This is a great way to both humble oneself and challenge mental limitations. 

Speaking of yoga, Tanner has been accepted into the yoga teacher training program with me! We are so excited to dive into the depths of yoga science and philosophy together this summer. We have both been truly enjoying the required reading list during these lingering cold weeks moving toward spring.
I am half way through this one:

It contains an incredible amount of truth and wisdom and I am feeling so grateful for these teachings. 

One part of the reading that was profoundly pertinent to me was the section that addressed "four mental contaminants" from a spiritual perspective. They are: animosity, cruelty, jealousy, and self-righteousness. It is stunning how often I observe these tendencies in the realm of "spiritual seekers". Not what it's all about. In fact those things are the opposite of what we all truly desire.

After a late night conversation with Tanner, I came to a realization that what I'm seeking in my relationships with people (especially those that I spend lots of time with) is a reciprocated level of authenticity and vulnerability. This is huge. I am suddenly understanding why I often feel frustration after my interactions with friends and acquaintances. I have a deep desire to be met with equal authenticity. Many of us humans are less than authentic because we carry the weight of social fears- aka "the four mental contaminants".
So how do I, myself, encourage this authentic way of being in me and those around me? Well, I suppose that I simply keep modeling what that looks and feels like for others to witness. This means remaining aware of my own thoughts and intentions at all times. The main messages that keep coming for me are that I must let go of my expectations of others and also create healthy boundaries with those who are not living in this way when it feels like it's not supporting my own well being and growth.

This topic recently sparked the latest 20 minute episode of "Walking the Path" with myself and Christine Yole about embracing our gifts and being authentic while also maintaining healthy boundaries. You can watch or listen here: Walking the Path episode #10 

We have been enjoying some global cacao sampling to ensure that we have the best quality cacao paste for our spring cacao ceremony tour throughout western Canada. We have found a new incredible source for our cacao and we are expecting our first batch to arrive next week. Woohoo
We had an incredible group gathered last night for one of our most powerfully transformational ceremonies to date. It feels like we all just keep expanding to depths that are new and amazing. So many people are ready to branch out and experience new ways of being and shifting into their higher purposes in this lifetime.

Daring to be different is the new black. 

Speaking of different... If you are in British Columbia and are seeking a super sweet home on wheels, our little OM SWEET OM, is looking for a new person (or persons who really like each other and can thrive in a tiny home) to call her hOMe. It's a bittersweet parting, as we would love to keep her but, we will be away on adventures for half of 2017 and do not wish for pouring of our funds into her gigantic thirst for fuel. She does, however, make a wonderfully cozy living space and vehicle for shorter trips. to inquire about her.

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