Sunday, February 15, 2015

La Dulce Vida. The Sweet Life.

A few days at a beach hostel for post-dental work "recovery" has turned into a three-week far, with another month of work exchange planned. We have been adopted by a colorful crew of fabulous world travelers and have loved waking up each day to lots of sunshine and surprises

So far, on this trip, we have met folks from Canada, USA, Spain, Chile, Mexico, Holland, Denmark, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, and probably other places I am forgetting. It's wonderful to hear different languages and see different customs and smell the aromas of mixed-culture cuisine in the hostel kitchen. (Coffee is universal.) We had the pleasure of being on the breakfast cook team for a few days this week. It was great to help put smiles on faces with a tasty breakfast and a hot cuppa java. 

The regular use of a kitchen at our fingertips has allowed us to start up a small raw snacks business to offset some traveling expenses and to share the deliciousness of raw vegan foods. We made two different kinds of snacks and shared samples with the hostel staff and guests. They have been a huge hit. So we then approached several local artisan mercados in the area and had our first market day last week. We have two more coming up this week! We have been learning more and more Spanish through our varied adventures. There are many people here eager to help us learn it. It's a lot of fun!

This mural is in the town we are staying in. The port here has been a major cacao trade route to Europe, known as the Chocolate Pier. This quote says that cacao is a food of the Gods.

In addition to raw snacks, we have been offering cacao ceremonies each Saturday evening for the last 3 weeks and have met many wonderful seekers through these gatherings. We have learned ad experienced that cacao is a powerful healer and teacher and helps us to open our hearts to knowing ourselves and to connect with others on a deep and honest level. We have also attended several  temescals, a traditional Mesoamerican sweat lodge ceremony with prayers, songs and meditations for deep cleansing and personal and global healing.

We have been helping the crew here to beautify, clean and promote the hostel as part of our work exchange. I have had a lot of fun with some small sign painting projects. 

I have also began leading small groups through classes of yoga and meditation twice each week in exchange for a small donation. We purchased the hostel a handful of yoga mats and they have been fully occupied almost every single class. Speaking of yoga, we have reserved our places in a one-month 200 hour yoga teaching certification program in Oaxaca beginning mid-March. Yippee! We are so excited to further expand our spiritual knowledge and to deepen our personal yogic practices. 

We feel so grateful for the magical people and experiences that are finding us every day. The challenges of communal living are abundant and are also wonderful opportunities to move into clear and heart-centered communication. 
Gracias por La Dulce Vida!