Friday, October 17, 2014

Highly-Sensitive Humans: A Growing Tribe!

Do you resonate with the concept that many people are starving for meaningful, soul-level human connection?

Why are we lacking this connection? Could it be that we are not connected to ourselves?

Do you feel like you are "different"? 

Do you struggle to share your “bizarre experiences” with your friends and family? 

Are you afraid of being judged for your unique abilities?

I was too. Until NOW.

I have chosen to share this information to encourage all of us to learn to embrace ourselves and all of our unique gifts and to connect with one another on a deeper level to strengthen our relationships and to build community around the planet.

I have recently and excitedly become aware that after 30+ years of feeling like I was simply “weird”, that I belong to a group of humans that are highly-sensitive. If you can relate to this concept, you may be a part of this rapidly-growing demographic. 

Research is showing that approximately 20% of all humans are highly-sensitive, and the other 80% are likely not far behind…they just may not know it...yet! I believe that we are all sensitive to varying degrees, directly related to our individual level of self-awareness. It's a sliding scale.

Often, us Highly-Sensitive Humans ( I will refer to us as HSH's) struggle to feel comfortable in our fast-paced, highly-demanding, overly-stimulating society. Our minds and bodies are constantly picking up on subtle energies and messages from sources outside of ourselves. We might get a feeling that something is going to happen but struggle to explain ourselves. We question just about everything and we have the ability to see through the veil of false and misleading information that is bombarding our lives.

Here is a list that I made of common traits among HSH's that I have met throughout my life:
  • High Level of Creativity
  • Recharged by Time in Nature
  • Aversion to Crowds
  • Require Extra Personal Space
  • Connection with Animals or Plants
  • Soul Recognition
  • “Super Senses”
  • Above average "B.S." detector (I love this one. It was one that an audience member suggested that I add.  It's SO true.)
  • Photographic Memory or Deja-Vu
  • Powerful Lasting Dreams
  • Need Decompression Timeouts
  • Strong Desire to Connect to/Help Others
  • Struggle with “Small Talk” and "Normal"
  • Resistance to Authoritative Figures
  • Tend to Avoid Media and News
  • Absorb Emotions and Thoughts of Others
  • Addictions: Drugs, Food, Sex, Gambling Distract and Numb High Sensitivities
  • Dietary Super-Sensitivities (alcohol, caffeine, medications, certain food groups)
  • Consciously-High Manifestation Rate
  • Ability to Read Other People's Energy / Aura
  • Mild Self-Mutilation (unconscious pulling hair, biting nails, scratching, teeth grinding, etc.)
  • Anxious Tendencies / Sense of Urgency
  • Concern for Social Justice and our Environment
  • Affinity for Crystals, other Natural Phenomena

Sound familiar???

(Disclaimer: Some of these traits could be labeled as "symptoms" of mental disorders. I like to think that most of us aren't crazy and that we just don't understand ourselves or each other fully. There may be some that will need help from medical professionals.)

Modern society is training us to forget who we really are and where we come from, and with this, we unknowingly forfeit our unlimited wisdom and intelligence. Luckily, we are awakening as a species. Each day, collectively,we are more conscious, more sensitive and more powerful. Could this be a major sign that humanity is evolving to the next level?

With the loving encouragement of many wonderful HSH’s that I know, I am beginning to share what I have learned and continue to learn each day! I am passionate about guiding others to embrace these wonderful metaphysical gifts. I will be hosting several interactive talks in various communities across Vancouver Island (and beyond!) throughout the coming months. There will be monthly HSH Connection Circles in various communities across the island as well. These will be casual gatherings to both nurture ourselves and to connect with other sensitive people in our community. We will share our stories and experiences to encourage and support each other as fellow HSH’s.  I am also hosting full-day workshops that will focus on embracing our gifts, remaining balanced in this increasingly-chaotic world, and supporting one another as HSH’s.

I believe that it is a responsibility (and a really fun one) that those of us who are HSH's gently take the hands of others who are approaching this level of awareness and guide them in whatever way we can to keep going!

We, at One World Wellness are seeking to expand our travels this winter and to spread these messages far and wide.  If you know of an organization anywhere that may be interested in hosting such a talk or workshop, please pass on my contact information.

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