Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Road Less Traveled

I could feel these words ready to burst forth when I climbed into bed last night. I was humming a song called "Take Me Up" from a live performance of a Canadian band called Oliver Swain and the Big Machine that I had just returned from. That particular tune paints an image of going up to space to live life elsewhere with aliens. It's a strangely beautiful symphony. I was feeling uplifted and vibrationally charged with love and music. 
This is one of my life medicines: musical magic.  

Another recent dose of musical medicine from Nahko and Medicine for the People. Amazing.
Plant medicines have also been a varying part of my entire life (as for most of us) , though many of us don't even realize this (yet). Now, in the last two years these beautiful beings have taken the honorary copilot seat in my life. (Or maybe I am the copilot with the poorly folded, crumpled maps?!) Either way, we have been having a beautiful journey together so "who is leading who" doesn't feel much like it matters. Back to this topic shortly...

I had been trying to push aside the nagging message that I kept receiving to disentangle myself from the virtual reality of Facebook. It has come and gone many times in the last few years. The idea of being "connected" to those that I love is what has kept me involved. That and the fact that I have been using Facebook heavily to promote our cacao ceremonies and my crafty crystal headband creations that are for sale (and my other businesses prior to that). {Insert business plug} is how you can find the magical headbands!!!

Well it's happening! Finally. I have officially announced to the world of Facebook that as of January 1st, 2017, I will be freed of its temptations until it makes sense to use it (if ever). This has punted me into action to find new ways to promote what I'm offering and to go back to basics with my communication techniques. This is a retrain-the-brain exercise and I'm trying to be very patient with my transitioning skills. Old habits can be so tricky to shrug off! (Please subscribe to this blog on the top right of this page if you're interested to keep up with our uncharted adventures. You can also reach us at oneworldwellness@yahoo.CA)

On this road less traveled I am already excited to be discovering what is possible without this cloud of new technology that we have been thoroughly trained to rely on for almost everything in life. I have known that less technology is the key to furthering my personal awareness of self and the endless streams of magic that swirl around us all. If we are focused on screens of all shapes and sizes then our amazing senses are not as trained to the subtleties of the universal play of existence. So many of us have been and are in denial about the way we live and communicate as a culture. I feel it becoming a massive divider, not a true connector. 

Plant medicine is all around us. 

Back to the plants. I'm sitting in a beautiful veggie garden where we are housesitting, soaking up some sunshine, which is not a readily available medicine in this darker, wetter season on Vancouver Island. 
I feel more relaxed and freer by the day. Life has given me so many opportunities to explore the infinite realms that are teetering on the edge of my discomfort. My sphere of comfort and acceptance continues expanding each time that I relax into the flow of the river of Life. Plant medicine journeys of various types have been guiding me to places of awareness that I never imagined possible. Awareness of my self. My thoughts. My words. My actions. My beliefs. My relations. My surroundings. It is a strange seat of awareness to sit in. I feel as though I am walking a winding path between the reality of our "normal" global society as an average collective, and then a wildly magical and beautiful reality that I know is the natural state of being for all of Life. It's wonderful, although at times, challenging. I have only met a few others (so far) who seem to have been navigating a similar path. We happened to cross paths which has given us all reassurance to keep going. It can feel a bit lonely at times, having few people who can relate to me in my current state of awareness. As the days pass, I notice more and more humans past and present (mostly musicians, authors and other artistic types) are revealing themselves as familiar friends of this journey of collective love and cosmic awareness. I am practicing (key word) deep patience and acceptance with myself and all others. I often have no words to describe even the simplest experiences of daily life in this "between the realms" reality. Simple conversations have become a bit challenging for me. The question of "how are you doing today?" has become a funny one.  Being with others together in a collective space of loving intention is what feels pertinent and crucial NOW and always. It's a fun experiment. That much I know.

This guy knows the path that I speak of.

Tanner and I have become the rocks in the river for many friends and acquaintances throughout our parallel journeys together. Wherever we find ourselves, people seem to gravitate toward us to seek shelter and support in our presence. We are not gurus or spiritual teachers or anything you can label. We are just like everyone else but perhaps we just approach life a bit differently. "Human beings on another fucking journey"-Nahko haha. Well said. 
*drumroll* The secret Rx for happiness we use is this: 
*Let go of our fears (or prove them to be just-plain-silly), one by one. 
*Take chances: some little, some BIG. 
*Trust in the MAGIC (thanks Carien). 
*Ask for what we need. 
*Say how we feel.
*Be ourselves. If you don't know who you are, do whatever it takes to get to know the essence of YOU. 

That's it. Perhaps you will try this for 2017...we all have the wisdom within.

I love writing. The space between these blogs has grown uncomfortably huge. I intend to write more often again. I should have more freed up time coming without FB. 

Until the next time the words are bursting forth....I leave you with these two lovely tunes. The lyrics are as lovely as the sounds. EnJOY!