Sunday, February 05, 2017

A Pinch of Magic

It's been just over a year since I began creating these crystal and gemstone headbands. In 2016, I created and sold over 100 of them to awakening seekers. Open Arise Creations has had a great first year and although I do not intend to pursue this as a full-time "career" in 2017, more of a fun, supportive hobby, I look forward to bringing smiles to some crystal lovers worldwide!

Here is the etsy shop link to browse the Open Arise Creations on Etsy

Also, I am thrilled to say that we just acquired our first ever retail location in BC! Woohoo! Spreading the beauty and the magic!

Photo of Kristin on Mushroom by Kim Yanick Portraits 
(more amazing work on FB here: Kim Yanick Portraits )

We both began the new year with a month of micro-dosing with psilocybin mushrooms. After our incredible experiences using larger doses in a ceremonial way last fall, we then did some reading about micro-dosing to shift one's overall perspective on life. Well, in the way we tend to do, we needed to try it for ourselves to know if it was a viable protocol to suggest to others. We regularly took a tiny amount of the magic, not enough to feel much, but in the way medicinal ingredients work, the experience was just...a hint different. The end result? We are still ourselves. No huge notable shifts. Still both mostly optimistic. Still both forging our own unique paths in the world. Still busy as ever with all kinds of interesting things. Still unsure or the purpose of life. Overall, we are happy and taking life moment by moment and day by day. It works for us! We continue to be amazed by the plants/fungi!

On the topic of medicinal things, we are excited to have a CACAO supply again! Tanner's mom, Cori, has returned to Vancouver Island with a heap of the good stuff after her journey to Mexico and Guatemala. 

Tanner and I will offer our first cacao ceremony of 2017 next weekend. We are in the midst of organizing a spring series of collaborative ceremonies with some sound healer friends. It's going to be so lovely! Here is our cacao ceremony page: Cacao Ceremonies by Cacao Connection!

Also, for your viewing/listening pleasure, here are new episodes #7 and #8 of Walking the Path. It's a series of conversations between myself and our lovely pal and intuitive spirit magician, Christine Yole. We discuss things like "what is my purpose?" and "getting into the flow of life" or "conscious communication". You know, stuff like that. Check it out if you feel inspired to hear our thoughts and experiences. We have a lot of fun recording these: Walking the Path: With Kristin and Christine!

I have begun studying my required reading list for the yoga teacher training program in June. Excellent stuff! Mind expanding content galore and so much beauty and truth within these pages. I am loving it. Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita, anatomy and more. Yum.

Where is my challenge lately? Social media. I'm being totally honest here. As always. I do not feel good about the entire concept. I am at a total loss for finding a marketing alternative that reaches as many humans. I'm wowed at how programmed humanity has become to rely on these things.

As each week passes by, I hear more and more people of all ages sharing their woes about the weird stuff happening through social media. I am thrilled, THRILLED, to be not using Facebook anymore for personal socialization, entertainment or things that aren't serving my ultimate wellbeing. The amount of true connection time with friends and loved ones has increased significantly. And so have my mental clarity and energy levels. I feel freer!! 

We just Skyped with a sweet young guy friend of ours who is far away from us tonight. He shared his experience of his first month of being Facebook-free.  He was bubbling with joy and said he is totally focused on his own life, not on what everyone else is up to. He is present for what life is showing to him each moment. He has been cooking more and socializing and doing what he loves. He said he feels freedom and peace of mind. 
Yes!!!! It IS possible. And he didn't go missing off the face of the earth. He's still himself. A more complete and present version, too! He reached out to us and asked for a Skype so we could laugh together and share good stories and remind each other that we love one another. That is the true heart of life, right?

Astaria Light, bright light sound healer at Light of Sound, and myself, sharing our booth at a wellness fair in Victoria, BC last weekend.